Common Problems That Can Jeopardize The Stability Of Your Tree

The enormous trees on your property can look gorgeous. But trees are also heavy and can fall unexpectedly. There are several warning signs you should look for that your tree is unstable and might fall at any moment.

The Truck is Causing Your Tree to Fall Over

Never ignore a tree that has a compromised trunk. While a tree can survive losing a branch, a compromised trunk will increase the likelihood that your tree will fall over and damage your home or injure your family. 

The trunk of the tree not only supports the crown but also keeps your tree healthy. If the trunk is compromised, your tree will become weaker and more likely to fall over. Even if the tree can hold on for now, it might not survive a storm. Strong winds might blow the tree down onto your roof.

The Trunk is Almost Completely Hollowed Out

Having a hollow space in your tree is not automatically a bad thing. The trunk can benefit the local ecosystem because animals use the hollowed-out trunk as a home. However, if too much of your tree has hollowed out, it will not be as sturdy and will likely topple on a windy day.

Imagine the tree becomes infested with pests or mold. The tree might become too weak to support itself and might eventually topple over.

The Bark is Peeling Off

Your tree's first line of defense is a layer of bark. If you notice the bark peeling, your tree might be in bad shape. Pests are more likely to invade and hollow out your tree causing it to become unstable. 

If your tree has two or more stems, loss of bark is a greater cause for concern because it indicates that the two stems cannot remain fused together. Your tree might split apart. A tree this unstable is a threat to your home.

Your tree might have lost its bark due to disease, bad weather, or another injury. Your tree might recover from the loss of bark. Still, if you need to learn more about your tree's health, an arborist can perform a check-up and determine if you can save it.

How a Professional Hazardous Tree Removal Service Can Help

If you do not want to remove your tree, you could hire a professional to support it with cabling. However, depending on the severity of the damage, you must have your tree removed by a tree removal specialist.

For more information, contact a company like Gastelum Tree Service.

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