Residential Tick Control Strategies

The threat of Lyme disease in heavily wooded areas may discourage property owners from spending a lot of time outdoors during the summer. If you have a lot of trees bordering your land, there are some basic and effective ways that you can control the tick population.

Tree Inspections And Maintenance Essentials

Before you begin your tick control efforts, each tree that is on your property should be assessed. A tree arborist can determine if ticks have already infested the trunk and branches of a tree. Ticks seek warm, moist areas. The removal of fungal growth, fallen leaves, and overgrowth can make the trees less favorable to ticks. These steps also aid with promoting the health of trees and ensuring that the branches and trunks receive plenty of air circulation.

Tree inspections should be conducted on a seasonal basis. During the months when a tree company won't be rendering services, create a list of maintenance steps to follow on your own. Raking leaves and bagging them, cutting your lawn frequently, and removing fallen nuts and fruit from trees will keep your yard tidy and will eliminate a lot of materials that could potentially get damp and provide ticks with a functional area to nest.

Borders And Spraying

Adding borders around trees and in between greenery and recreational areas will keep your yard protected. Gravel or a synthetic or organic mulch product should be spread evenly around the base of trees. A wide border can be added between playground equipment and trees. If you use grilling equipment outdoors, a border should be used to separate the area where you grill, from large trees.

If a tick infestation was discovered during a preliminary inspection of the trees on your property, an arborist may have recommended that you have your yard sprayed. There are some products on the market that are designed to act as tick barriers. These types of products can be used to further protect your property from ticks.

Consult with an arborist about the spraying services that they offer. An arborist may use a product that is formulated to deter ticks or that is designed to ward off ticks and many other types of pests. Rely upon a tree service for the pest control spraying project. This will ensure that the spray is applied properly and does not pose a threat to plants and other greenery that is growing on your property.

For help managing your tick problem, contact a tree service in your area for tick control professionals.

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