Steps For Removing A Tree From Your Property

Depending on the size of the tree that you are needing to have removed from your property, it can be a major project that will require a professional tree removal contractor to complete. While one of these professionals can handle the work involved with removing the tree, there are still many different planning and preparation steps that you will have to take to get ready for this work.

Ensure Trees Near The Perimeter Of Your Property Are Within Your Property Lines

There can be instances where the trees that you are needing to remove from the property will be fairly close to the property lines. When this is the case with your tree, you should have a survey completed to verify that the tree is on your property before you arrange for it to be cut down. Failing to take this precautionary step could result in you discovering that the tree was actually on your neighbor's property. This could lead to you being liable for the value of the tree.

Plan To Keeping Pets And Children Inside During The Tree Removal Work

When the tree is being cut down, any pets or children in your household should be kept inside for the duration of the process. The noise and activity occurring in the area where the tree is being cut down can draw the curiosity of children and pets. This could lead to them potentially wandering too close to the work area, which could lead to safety risks and disruptions for the workers. Fortunately, a tree removal project may only take a matter of hours to complete, which can limit the difficulties of keeping pets and children inside during this work.

Decide On Grinding Or Pulling For Removing The Stump That Is Left Behind

At the end of the tree removal process, you will have to decide on what to do with the stump that will be left behind. To this end, you will be able to choose between having the stump pulled from the ground or grinding it as low to the soil as possible. Pulling the stump will provide the most effective removal option as it will fully remove the stump and its large roots. However, grinding the stump can have less serious impacts on the landscaping. In contrast, pulling the stump can result in a fairly large hole in the ground that will have to be filled in order to restore the appearance of the property and prevent it from collecting water.

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