Factors Impacting The Cost Of Tree Removal

Trees on your property can be visually appealing and provide shade under which you and your household members can relax. However, the trees that have become overgrown over the years can become problematic. For instance, the overgrown branches may damage the roof of your dwelling. In such a case, you could be contemplating cutting it down, raising the question of project costs. Several factors come into play when calculating the cost of tree removal. These include:

Tree Type

There may be different tree species on your property, e.g., maples, oaks, pines, and palms. Some species have a more complicated branch system, which affects the removal process. Other types are too thin or dense and require special equipment. In any case, the more complex the removal process, the higher the project's cost.

Tree Height

The tree's height is another factor that helps determine the cost of the project. For example, taller trees require specialists to implement safety measures that may not be necessary for shorter ones. Additionally, more time and equipment are involved in climbing the taller tree, and these factors also influence the cost of the exercise.

Trunk Diameter

The diameter of the trunk also influences the project's cost. You should be prepared to dig deeper into your pocket if the tree has a thick trunk. This is because the arborist will need more work hours to complete the task. For trees of this nature, the expert may also have to perform additional tasks, such as cutting the trunk into smaller pieces. On the other hand, the cost will likely be lower if the tree is slender.


Accessibility comes into play while ascertaining how much the project costs because it determines how much maneuvering the professionals will have to do. Accordingly, if you're looking to eliminate a large tree that is growing in a squeezed space, the cost may be higher than that of removing one growing in an open field. The arborist will also likely charge more if your tree is situated right next to your apartment building or to power lines. This is because trees that are difficult to access generally require special equipment to remove in order to prevent property damage.

These are some factors that arborists consider when determining tree removal costs. Notably, attempting to cut down a tree without engaging an expert poses serious safety risks and may result in property destruction and severe injuries. 

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