How Hiring a Tree Service to Prune Large Trees Can Save You Time and Money

Pruning the trees on your property can help ensure that they do not get caught up in utility wires or damaged parts of your home. Working with bucket truck tree services to trim your trees safely and effectively can impact how the tree grows and help ensure it stays healthy and strong.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is necessary for many different reasons, and when done correctly, it can help the trees on your property grow and thrive. When the trees begin to get large enough that they are making contact with the roof of the house, the power lines, or other things around the yard, they can be damaging. It is often necessary to have bucket truck tree services come and trim the high areas of the tree back to remedy the problem. 

Many times the tree service doing the work for you will make recommendations for how much to cut.  Most services have an arborist on staff that understands the different tree varieties, how to trim them safely, and what time of year is best for each tree. Over-pruning can damage the tree, but most varieties can be trimmed much further than people realize. In some situations, pruning is better for the tree because it keeps it from impacting things that can cause damage.

Trees and Wires

If you have trees along your property growing into or near the power lines and utility wires that run along the road, trimming the branches back to ensure they are not interfering with the utilities is crucial. If the tree gets into the wires, it could cause damage in a wind storm or other bad weather. 

While the tree may not be damaged by the wires, the opposite is not always the case. If you have a tree that is not well kept and it takes down a powerline, you could be responsible for the damage and repairs. The cost of replacing that wire can be more expensive than you think.

Having a bucket truck tree service and a trained operator come and remove the limbs that could be a problem is often the best solution. Trimming limbs near the wires is not something you should try on your own because getting too close to the wires can result in an accidental contact that would cause serious injury or death. 

Having the right equipment to trim those limbs and a way to ensure they come down without bringing the wires down in the process is also vital. The tree service will cut the branches into sections and remove them carefully. If the entire tree needs removing to avoid problems, the arborist may recommend taking it down instead of trimming it.

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