The Problems That You Will Run Into Trying To Remove A Tree On Your Own

Tree removal is always best left to the experts no matter how far away the tree is from your home or how big it seems. There are always going to be complications that you did not prepare for and you are not equipped to deal with, which is why tree removal services exist. They save you a lot of time and money and can save your back a lot of pain as well. Before you try and tackle a tree on your own, here are three problems you will almost certainly run into that a tree removal service would be better off dealing with.

Delicate Balance

If you live in a more suburban neighborhood, then any sort of tree removal is less of a hack and slash job and more of a delicate procedure. You need to be able to avoid anything and everything of value, and prepare a safe landing zone for the tree. That is a lot of preparation work that needs to be done, including removing all the large branches (safely) and having the right straps and sawing equipment to guide the tree in the right direction. It is a lot more complex than you might think at first glance. 

Where To Store It

Anyone can use a chainsaw they rented for a couple of hundred bucks and cut through the trunk of a tree. If you are lucky and smart enough to get the trunk to fall in a direction away from any buildings, animals or family members, you may even think the hard part of your job is done, but it is just beginning. Now you have a several thousand-pound slab of wood sitting on your property with dozens of branches and a lot more leaves that all have to be disposed of properly. Do you have the equipment, time, or energy to do that and do it well? On your own, it could take several days or even weeks, but a tree removal service can do it quickly.

The Root Of The Issue

While you can chainsaw your way through the problem areas of the tree that are above the ground, you can't do it so easily to the roots below the surface. Tree roots can stretch out for dozens of yards and right near the stump, they are exceptionally strong. If you think about how high the tree was and how easily it withstood such strong winds and huge weather events you start to realize why you can't budge the stump no matter how hard you try. Tree removal experts have the tools and the procedures in place to root out any stump, even those that seem rooted in concrete.

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