Four Reasons To Hire A Tree Service

Some yard tasks are best left to professionals, and tree service is one of those tasks. The following reasons illustrate why you need to hire tree care specialists.

1. Safety

Safety is the number one reason to use a professional tree service, particularly if you have large trees or if your trees are growing near power lines. Your tree service professionals will have both the right equipment and the training to handle any tree issue safely, whether it is the removal of a large tree or the careful pruning of a tree that is entangled in the power lines. Further, the service company will have insurance so if any damages do occur to your property or the technicians, you can rest assured that they will be covered.

2. Experience

Experience is a major benefit of using a tree service. The technicians will be trained not just in the best way to prune or remove a tree, but also in how to diagnose tree issues. Many tree services have licensed arborists on staff that can test for diseases and pests, as well as come up with treatment plans to help fight off any infestations. Experience also ensures that the trees are properly pruned and cared for so that no new issues arise.

3. Speed

It can take you several hours or even days to deal with all the trimming, fertilizing, and other tree care tasks on your property. Further, you may not have the right tools for every job, which can make the work both more labor-intensive and less safe. A tree care service provides not just labor, but also the knowledge and tools necessary to complete the job quickly while also ensuring it is done correctly. For example, trying to trim tall trees without climbing gear and the knowledge to use it, or at least a lift truck, can really slow you down. A tree service won't have this issue.

4. Disposal

Another issue with handling your own tree care is dealing with disposal. This is a problem whether it's several branches or an entire tree trunk and canopy. Either you will need to figure out the best way to haul the items to a dump, which means paying for a hauling service and dump fees, or you will need to rent a wood chipper to turn the trees into mulch. Most tree services handle disposal and mulching as part of their service fee.

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