"Is Tree Trimming Worth It?" And Other Customer Questions

Trees, just like a lot of plants, do often need attention to look beautiful. Here is a look at some of the things you may want to know about tree trimming services

Is tree trimming worth the cost?

Tree trimming is very much worth the price. The occasional pruning can help maintain the health of a tree, help eliminate issues with broken branches and fallen limbs, and even thwart problems with pests. 

Should you get an unruly tree trimmed or should you have it cut down?

If you have a tree that is constantly needing to be trimmed because of dead branches and odd growth patterns, it can be best to have it cut down. Some trees go through issues as they grow that can cause parts of the trunk to be unhealthy, which will lead to some parts of the tree growing better than others. These trees can require ongoing attention and may eventually have to be cut down anyway. 

Are the trimmed tree branches disposed of in an earth-friendly way?

All tree trimming professionals will handle the disposal of limbs and branches in different ways. This is organic waste, so it is typically not accepted at local garbage companies. Some professionals have a contract with local woodworking companies that need this brush to create wood chips. Some service providers will use their own chipping equipment to break down the limbs and branches on site, so all they have to haul away is a bunch of wood chips. These wood chips may be used for other landscaping projects and you may even be able to keep them yourself if you ask. 

Should all trees be trimmed?

Not all trees have to be trimmed or pruned. Just like some ordinary plants, some trees simply do not grow a lot of excessive limbs and branches that need to be pruned. On the other hand, the majority of trees do need some kind of pruning periodically, even if it is just a few nips here and there to get rid of dead branches. 

Why not just trim the trees yourself?

DIY tree-trimming is a lot harder than it looks. You must have good equipment to cut the branches, you need safety gear if you plan to climb to get upper branches, and you really have to be careful about the cut you make. While you may be able to do some slight pruning, a full-on trim that takes the whole tree into consideration is always best left to professionals. 


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