The Pluses And Minuses Of Having Large Trees In Your Yard

In the summer, tall trees can keep your home cooler and make your yard a whole lot more inviting. Having mature trees close to your home can provide with a few cool and shady resting spots, but regular tree care will also be compulsory. If you enjoy having large trees planted in your yard so you can hang tire swings, install hammocks, or merely because you like having a beautiful yard, you will need adequate knowledge on how to care for them.

Mature Trees and the Weather

While large trees are a welcome sight when the sun is out they can cause complications for homeowners when it comes to more stormy weather. The roots of tall trees are ever expanding, and when you combine large roots with heavy rain you get soil displacement. In addition, rainy and snowy weather is hard on tree limbs, so you have to keep an eye on any branches that are close to your house. One of the types of tree care that mature tree owners have to invest in consists of pruning and root cutting.

Tall Trees Can Get Damaged

Rainstorms that bring heavy wind, thunder and lightening can be scary for the owners of mature trees. Even if your trees aren't located too close to your home, storm damage might cause them to tall either on or around your house. While proper tree care, maintenance, and tree bracing can aid in keeping your tall trees upright, there isn't much of a way to eradicate the risk of falling trees and limbs. Check your homeowners insurance policy to see if you have any provisions for tree damage as an ideal way of mitigating the potential damage.

Large Trees and Privacy One of the best ways to keep people passing by from having the ability to look into your house or survey your property is by keeping a healthy amount of large trees in your side, back, and front yard. Have a tree care company prune the branches on your trees sparingly so that they create a natural camouflage throughout your property. This can work even better if you have mature trees growing around your property line. Evergreen trees in particular can act as a natural fence as their foliage remains full year round. The long story short is that a professional tree care company has to be hired to care for tall, old, or otherwise mature trees. You can accidentally kill a tree by trying to cut down some of its branches by yourself if you aren't treated in horticulture. So have an expert on mature trees care for your trees every so often so your family can watch your already tall trees grow to majestic heights.

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