Seven Reasons To Have Your Trees Pruned Regularly

Most owners wait until their trees are suffering from problems before soliciting the help of a skilled arborist. While it may be possible to fix some tree-related problems after they surface, it is always preferable to address such challenges proactively.

In fact, regular pruning – once every two to three years – from a tree trimming service can help improve the health of your tree in myriad ways:

  1. Pruning helps to prevent future problems, such as broken limbs or split trunks. Properly pruned trees have a balanced canopy and are trimmed to mitigate any structural problems inherent to the tree.
  2. Tree-trimmers are more likely to notice problems with your tree's health or structure than you are. Arborists are trained to notice the subtle signs of disease or structural problems, which can help you address such problems before they require drastic solutions.  
  3. Skilled tree pruners can improve the view outside your home. If you would like to have a better view of the surrounding horizon, a local pond or any other visual attraction, you can have the tree pruned with these goals in mind – a process called vista pruning.
  4. Proper pruning can promote rapid growth. Although not a suitable practice for large trees, small trees can be stimulated to generate a profusion of new growth through specific pruning practices. This is often helpful for trees planted as hedges.
  5. Some large tree species can be pruned to help reduce their size. You should always select a tree that will fit into the area allotted for it, but if it you already have a large species growing in a small location, an arborist may be able to trim its height and spread, without causing health or structural problems for the tree. The earlier you begin having such trees pruned, the more easily the arborist will be able to keep it a manageable size. 
  6. Pruning can reduce the chances that a tree will blow over or break in the wind. A skilled arborist can ensure that wind can pass through a tree's limbs and ensure that the tree is properly balanced.
  7. You can increase fruit production or flowering with regular pruning. By pruning fruit trees in the right locations and at the right time of year, you can increase the number of flowers a tree produces, which will ultimately lead to a larger fruit crop. Conversely, trees can be pruned so that they produce fewer flowers or fruit, if you prefer. 

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