Why You Shouldn't Balk At Removing Dead Trees In The Winter

Many people don't cut down trees during the winter season, even though they are likely to get discounts from tree removal companies. Many tree companies offer promotional discounts during this time because business is slow. However, the prospect of low rates isn't the only advantage of winter tree removal. Here are four more reasons you shouldn't postpone cutting down trees until the winter is over:

Reduced Yard Damage

Some yard damage is inevitable when you decide to trim or cut down your trees when the ground is soft. The damage occurs because the equipment and vehicles used by the tree removers compacts the soil.  However, the potential damage decreases when the ground is hard, which is the case with frozen winter grounds.

Potential Discounts

Some tree removal companies offer winter discounts to their clients. The discounts are possible because tree removal during this season is less involving; the foliage is sparse, there are less obstacles (due to reduced outdoor activities), and the ground is firm (since it's frozen) thereby improving the ease of equipment operation.

Reduced Tree Damage

When the tree you need removed is obstructed by other trees, the trees causing the obstructions may have to be trimmed first. Unfortunately, trimming may affect the health of a tree when the cut surface is attacked by diseases. Not only that, but the removed foliage also reduces the amount of food the tree manufactures, and this interferes with its growth.

Fortunately, the damage associated with tree trimming reduces if the trimming is done during the winter season. For one, trees are dormant during this season, and there are also fewer diseases when the temperatures are freezing. As a result, trees trimmed or pruned in the winter recover much faster than those pruned or tried during the warmer seasons.

Easy Cleanup

If you have never seen a large tree removed, then you probably have no idea how big a mess it leaves behind. Fallen twigs and leaves have to be collected and disposed of properly. In fact, some tree removal companies charge extra for the cleanup or include the cost in the cleanup. Fortunately, trees removed during the winter season don't leave too much debris behind, and this leads to easy cleanup.

The one thing you should be worried about is winter DIY tree removal. The ground will be wet and slippery, the trees will splinter easily, and the chainsaw will be dangerous to operate. In short, it will be safer to have the trees removed by a professional tree company like Souliere & Son Tree SpeclSts.

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