Two Reasons Why It's Time To Have The Trees In Your Yard Pruned

Having trees in your yard can be a wonderful thing.  They provide refreshing shade when the sun is beaming down, and the leaves often turn beautiful colors as the seasons change.  However, although you may love the look of the trees and appreciate the ambiance that they add to your lawn, you may not understand the importance of regular pruning.  Much like your grass, your trees need care if they're going to look good for the long haul.  Use this information to learn more about why now is the time to have your trees pruned by a professional.

Pruning Promotes The Health Of The Tree

The most important reason why it's so vital for you to prune your trees is because it helps to promote the health of the tree.  This is important, because there may be parts of the tree that must be removed if it is to continue to thrive.

For example, one or more branches on the tree may have become diseased.  If the diseased branches aren't removed, the disease can spread throughout the entire tree, effectively reaching the roots and killing it. Also there may be an insect infestation that renders the branches virtually useless.  Removing these limbs may be just what it takes to maintain the tree's health.

Also, the area at the top of the tree may have become so thick with branches and leaves that sunlight cannot reach the trunk.  Trees need sunlight to grow, so it's important for you to take the time to prune away the branches that are keeping the sun from shining through.

Have Your Trees Pruned For Safety

Another reason why you should have your trees pruned is for safety.  A tree that is allowed to grow wildly may look rustic and natural, but it could pose a risk to the safety of your family or property.

There may be a few trees on your property that have weak limbs.  The branches may have grown so far out that there just isn't enough strength at the base of the branch to support the outgrowth.  At some point, these weak limbs can snap and injure your house, car, or family member.

Getting your trees pruned is an excellent way for you to keep them in good shape.  Don't delay; contact an experienced pruning specialist right away, so they can come out and prune back the trees on your lawn.

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