2 Steps That Will Help You Attract More Hummingbirds In Your Yard

Birds are a wonderful and beautiful part of nature, and there are many types that live in all areas of the world, including hummingbirds. If you love hummingbirds and enjoy watching them in your yard, you may be interested in finding ways to encourage more to stop by in your yard. Luckily, there are ways to do this, and here are the two best ways to encourage hummingbirds to come to your yard more frequently.

Offer Them The Right Food

Hummingbirds tend to love nectar. This is their first choice of any of the foods they eat, and you can attract more hummingbirds by offering them nectar. To do this, you should purchase one or more hummingbird feeders. These feeders are designed strictly for hummingbirds and come in many sizes, types, and colors. After purchasing a feeder, you can make your own nectar by mixing one cup cane sugar with four cups water.

When hummingbirds find out there is nectar available on your property, they will come there to drink it. Hummingbirds do not only consume nectar though; they also eat bugs and tree sap, and these are natural items they may also find while visiting your yard.

Plant The Right Shrubs, Flowers, And Trees

The second thing you can do to attract hummingbirds is plant the right shrubs, flowers, and trees. Here are three different types of plants that hummingbirds tend to be drawn to:

  • Azaleas – Azaleas are beautiful flowers that come in many different colors. Some are great for shady areas, while others are designed to grow best in full sun, and you can choose accordingly for your needs.
  • Butterfly bushes – A second option you have is planting butterfly bushes. These shrubs are gorgeous and can grow as tall as 10-feet. These plants are fragrant and hardy, and they come in many different colors.
  • Honeysuckle vines – Honeysuckle vines are ideal for gardens or other areas where you would like to add vines around your yard. Hummingbirds love honeysuckle, because these plants contain a good supply of natural nectar. These plants are very easy to maintain, and they tend to grow very quickly.

There are hundreds of plants, flowers, and shrubs to choose from, and there are dozens more that will attract hummingbirds. If you need help choosing the right plants or assistance with planting them, you can call an arborist in your area. Arborists are experts with trees, and they can help you select the right ones, determine where to put them, and handle the planting for you. Contact an arborist, such as 770 Tree Guy, today for more information. 

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