3 Reasons To Plant Crab Apple Trees In Your Yard

If you would like to add beauty to your yard, you could plant a couple crab apple trees. These trees are not only easy to grow and maintain, but they are also one of the most beautiful trees you can have. If you are looking for decorative and useful trees for your yard, you may want to choose crab apple trees for these three reasons.

They Are Easy To Grow

Crab apple trees will grow in almost any type of soil and can grow in full sunlight or shade. They do not need a lot of water or maintenance, and they grow to around 20 feet tall. They are perfect for almost any area in a yard, and you can plant them at any time of the year.

To care for your crab apple trees, you really need to do only two things. The first is adding organic mulch around the tree each spring. This will help the tree grow and bloom heartily in the springtime. The second thing to do is prune the tree in the late winter, and this involves cutting off any dying branches.

They Are Beautiful All Year

A second reason to consider planting crab apple trees is because of their beauty. Unlike other types of flowering trees, crab apple trees offer a variety of beauty all year round. In the spring is when they begin to bud and bloom, and you may see deep magenta colored flowers, or they might be white or pink.

After this occurs, the flowers may begin to change colors and will begin to fall, but the tree will remain a bright green color. At this time, crab apples will also begin to form. They will grow all summer long and will be ready to be picked in the fall. During the fall, the leaves on your crab apple trees may begin turning orange, brown, and red.

You Can Eat The Fruit

While crab apples are not the same as regular apples, you can still eat them. Crab apples tend to be smaller than regular apples and are typically extremely tart, but there are a couple good ways to use these apples.

One option is to make crab apple butter or jelly, which are both great toppings to eat on biscuits, bread, and rolls. You can also pickle them, use them to make wine, or make applesauce from them.

Adding a couple crab apple trees to your yard could make your yard look much nicer, and these trees would not add more work to your normal weekly yard tasks. If you would like to learn more about crab apple trees and other flowering trees, talk to a landscaping contractor like Greatland Tree Service today.

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