Easy Ideas For Transforming Chopped Down Trees Into Masterpieces

Are you planning to cut down one or more trees? If so, you may not have immediate plans for the wood that comes from your tree removal project. Perhaps you are thinking of disposing of the wood, saving it for firewood, or finding a place to donate it to. Before you make a firm decision, take a moment to review these easy ways you could use the wood to make your own unique wooden masterpieces. 

Playtime Ideas

The trunk of a tree is an important part of constructing a safe and sturdy treehouse, but all tree houses do not have to be in a tall tree. You can use the trunk of a large chopped down tree as the base of a treehouse. You can choose to build your own treehouse, or you can choose one that is manufactured and sized to fit he trunk. Since the treehouse will be lower to the ground, it will be ideal for children of all ages.

You can also use flattened portions of a chopped down tree to make board games. Examples of games that are easy to make are tic tac toe and checkerboards. Apply varnish and paint to protect the wood. You can also use the wood to make your unique game pieces.

Indoor Masterpieces

The branches from a chopped down tree can be transformed into beautiful curtain rods. Simply choose a branch that is long enough to fit over the designated window. Cut or trim the branch as needed. You can leave the wood in a natural state for a more rustic appearance. You might also choose to sand it down and apply paint or a stain finish. 

Small and medium-sized pieces of wood can be sawed into half-inch or one inch flat, sliced pieces. You can apply a finish or you can paint unique art on the pieces. These salvaged portions of the tree can serve as coasters for glasses.

Outdoor Ideas

Consider making your own wooden walkway with varied sizes of sliced wood. You could also choose to only use large portions to create a wooden pavers effect. This type of walkway is versatile, but it will likely create the most dramatic effect leading to patios, garden or nature areas. 

Use medium-sized branches as separators in your garden area. You can also use them to mark the edges of a walkway. 

A tree removal company, such as Kansas City Tree Care, LLC, is a good resource to use if you would like to reuse your wood for projects. These professionals will be able to tell you whether or not it is a wise idea to use the salvaged wood or not. For example, they may not recommend using trees with significant signs of decay or insect activity present, and they might also be able to treat salvaged wood to ensure that it can be safely used for your projects.

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