3 Health Reasons To Get Rid Of Tree Stumps

While you might think the tree stump in your yard is a mere eyesore, that old stump could actually pose a serious risk to your family's health. Getting rid of tree stumps as quickly as possible is the only way to ensure that your family will be protected from the health hazards associated with stumps.

Here are three health reasons to get rid of any stumps that are present in your yard.

1. Tree stumps could be infected with a fungus.

If a diseased tree dies off and leaves a stump in your yard, the same disease that killed the tree could affect your family's health. Fungus can be found growing on the surface of trees, and it can negatively affect a tree's health.

If your family members come into contact with the stump of a tree that has died because of a fungal infection, they may experience negative side effects from the fungus transferring to the surface of their skin. Be sure to remove diseased tree stumps to prevent health problems caused by fungus.

2. Tree stumps could lead to complications from broken bones.

If tripping over a stump results in a broken bone for a member of your family, the individual could be susceptible to some serious complications. Broken bones can sometimes damage the arteries and nerves surrounding the break site, resulting in neurovascular problems.

If the bone fracture extends into a nearby ankle or knee joint, your family member could be plagued by post-traumatic arthritis in the future. Removing tree stumps that are difficult to see will help your family avoid the potential risk of complications from a broken bone. 

3. Tree stumps attract bugs.

Dead and decaying tree stumps serve as a rich feeding ground for a variety of bugs. While you might not be too concerned about bugs being in your yard, these bugs could eventually find their way into your home.

Health problems like arboviruses, American Trypanosomiasis, and enteric diseases can all be traced back to bugs. If you don't want bugs transmitting potentially harmful diseases to your family, get rid of the tree stumps that can attract them to your yard.

Tree stumps contribute to fungal diseases, broken bones, and illnesses transmitted by insects. Getting rid of an old tree stump will not only improve the appearance of your yard, it will help protect your family from some serious health risks as well. Contact a company like Buskirk Tree Service for more information.

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