Keep Your Trees Spread Out and Trimmed to Help Keep Away Fire

If you have a piece of property with a lot of trees, you may want to consider taking steps to spread those trees out. One of the best means to control a fire that starts outside your home is to spread things out. One of the first things you need to look to is your trees.

How Trees Can Aid Flames

Not everyone lives in an area prone to random fires, but there's always a possibility one can start. If you live in a relatively dry area, then the possibility of a fire exists. If you have many trees close together, then an errant lightning bolt can start a fire as well.

The problem is, if those trees are close enough, then the fire can spread from tree to tree. The closer those trees are to your home, the higher the chance burning debris can land on or around your house.

Spread Your Trees Out

If you love your trees, that's fine. But you may want to consider having some trimmed or cut to spread them out. Choking off a potential fire before it can spread too far is an important part of fire mitigation in general.

You don't have to cut down all your trees, and you don't have to trim them until they're unsightly, but here are a few general rules you should apply:

  • Maintain space between each tree
  • Trim trees to keep fire from traveling too far upward
  • Keep a distance between the nearest tree and your home

In these ways, you can keep fire from spreading among the trees and onto other structures.

Let Your Neighbors Know

If you have neighbors or any other property owner close by, there's a chance they can also benefit from spreading out their tree lines. Sometimes, it's a neighbor's tree that's a little too close to your property. You should do both them and yourself a favor by explaining to them the importance of keeping their trees trimmed and spread.

Let a Professional Help You

If you're unsure whether your trees represent a hazard or not, then you should speak to a professional tree removal contractor. They can help you figure out if tree trimming or removal is a necessity or not. They can also help you figure out which trees pose the most threat.

In general, if you have many trees on your property, you should still contact a tree trimming professional about keeping them healthy. Sometimes trimming or removing a tree has more to do with the safety of the tree involved.

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