A 24/7 Emergency Tree Service Can Be A Lifesaver

Trees aren't polite when they fall over. They don't give you a warning that they are planning on falling down. The tree also isn't going to tell you that the next big storm will knock them down. When it does happen, you need to know what to do. You need to find a 24/7 emergency tree removal service to come out to your house and deal with the tree as soon as possible. When should you call the service out to your house?

Safety Risk

If the fallen tree is a safety risk, you should immediately get somewhere safe and call an emergency tree removal company. A safety risk would include a tree falling on your house or car. Even if the tree is balanced just right so that it hasn't caused any damage to your home, you don't want to take the risk that the tree won't move in the wind or just suddenly shift. You need to be out of the house in case that does happen and just let the tree removal service handle the issue. If the tree has fallen on your power lines or looks as if it will, you should not only call the tree service, but you should also call the electrical company to let them know. They may need to turn the power off to that line before any work can be done so that no one gets hurt. The tree company may also call the power company, but it won't hurt if you call them too. 

Leaning Tree

If your tree has suddenly developed a marked lean or tilt to one side, that is a very bad sign. It can be a sign that the roots are coming up on one side and that the tree is likely to fall soon. You may see this when the ground is overly saturated and with trees that have a shallow root system. But whatever tree you see it on, you need to make sure that you call an emergency tree service quickly because it will always be better to have the tree cut down and removed safely than it will be to have the tree fall uncontrolled. 

Trees can do a lot for your property. Unfortunately, some of it isn't good. When one of your trees does a bad thing like falling on your house, you need to call someone who can take care of it for you as soon as possible. That means you need a 24/7 emergency tree service.  

For more info about 24/7 emergency tree removal, contact a local company. 

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