How Can You Protect Young Trees From Wind Damage?

Young trees are vulnerable to weather, especially wind. In this case, strong winds and storms can push the saplings hard enough, causing damage. But what are the best ways to protect your young trees from adverse weather conditions?

Discover five tips to protect your young trees from wind damage.

1. Choose the Right Tree Planting Location

The first step towards protecting your tree from wind damage is to plant your trees in an area naturally protected from winds. For example, you can grow young trees behind a structure. Such structures include the side of your house away from the wind. This move protects your saplings from the wind. Later, you can transfer the more robust trees to a more open location.

2. Water Your Trees Regularly

Ideally, wind causes your tree leaves to dry more quickly. In this case, dehydration can cause your tree branches to weaken and break. Thus you should ensure that your trees have access to water to replenish the moisture lost through the leaves' evapotranspiration.

Watering also promotes the healthy growth of trees and keeps them strong. As a result, you will reduce the risk of tree damage following strong winds.

3. Provide Support Stakes

Staking is essential when you plant a tree in your yard. It acts as a windbreak to protect your tree from harsh winds. You can choose from metal or wood stakes to provide the utmost support for your trees during windy seasons.

Also, you should use strong and soft fabric to tie the tree to the stake while allowing enough space for the tree to get normal wind pressure. When a tree maintains its natural sway, it is more likely to have a robust trunk, a powerful root system, and sturdy branches.

4. Use Covers

Covering your tree provides several benefits, including protection from strong winds, animals, and tree pests. Thus you should place a cover over the top of your tree while ensuring it gets enough sunlight. Also, you should remove the cover from a tree if the weather is ideal and you don't expect any winds and storms.

5. Undertake Tree Pruning

At times your tree branches may grow and bend under their weight. In this regard, if there are strong winds, your tree is most likely to fall. Therefore you should consult a tree pruning services company to prune the dead, weak, or dying branches to prevent your tree from severe wind damage.

While you can't control the weather conditions, you can protect your young trees from strong winds that may cause damage. First, consult a tree service company with the skills, knowledge, and experience on the best ways to protect your young trees. Also, you can incorporate the above tips to provide the utmost safety for your young trees during strong winds. 

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