Cutting Down Some Trees? Why You Should Grind The Stumps

If you are having some trees cut down on your property, you will be left with a lot of stumps. Instead of leaving them in place, you should consider stump grinding. Below is information on how this is done, as well as the benefits this offers you.

Stump Grinding

A stump grinder machine is used to grind down stumps. Small grinders generally run on gas, and large grinders run on diesel fuel. The stump grinder is on wheels and has carbide cutting tips to cut through the tree stumps. If you have very large trees, resulting in much larger trunks, the tree service company will use a much larger grinder that has many more carbide cutters. 

The teeth on the blades rotate and rip through the wood, cutting it into small pieces. The contractor guides the stump grinder to cover the entire tree stump, and when the grinder is finished, the stump will be below ground level. The wood chips are removed, and the contractor will offer them to you or can take them away. 

When finished, you are left with a large hole in the ground. Fill the hole with soil and then plant grass over it. Once the grass is grown, you would never know a tree was ever there. Make sure you plant the same type of grass that you have in your yard. If you do not know what type it is, cut a few blades and take them to a garden center for help. 

Benefits of Stump Grinding

One of the main benefits of grinding down stumps is it makes your yard much safer. If you have children, they could easily trip over one of the stumps. If someone were to drive their car onto your lawn, they may hit a tree stump. 

If you do not grind the stump down, the tree may eventually start to grow back again, which would mean spending more money to have it removed a second time. Leaving a lot of stumps in your yard can also affect the way your landscaping looks.

Removing the stumps gives you much more room in your yard that you could use for many things, such as placing outdoor furniture, a patio, and more. You may want to set up things for your children, such as a swing set. 

The tree stumps would eventually start to rot, which attracts mold, pests, and fungi. All these things can spread throughout your landscaping, causing you many more problems. 

The tree service company that you hire can tell you much more about how stump grinding works. 

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