Hiring A Landscaper? Services They Can Offer You

If you are planning to hire a landscaper, it can be helpful to know what they can do to help you. Below is more information about this so you can create a beautiful yard for you and your family to enjoy.

First Appointment

A landscape company contractor will set up an appointment with you to go over what you want in your landscaping. They will ask you the types of flowers you like, if you want to plant bushes, or if you want to do hardscaping. They will need to know your budget before they get started. Some landscaping can be an investment, such as adding a pond or retaining wall. 

Once the landscape contractor is finished, they may show you a design on paper or on a tablet, laptop, etc. to ensure you are pleased with what they have planned. 


There are many services the landscaping company can provide. They can choose and plant flowers, create flower gardens, and take care of the current flowers you have planted. This may be weeding, adding fertilizer, adding mulch, and more. 

The landscape contractor can also provide lawn care services. This includes inspecting the grass to know if it needs fertilizer or if the lawn may need aeration, especially if you have clay soil. The lawn is the largest part of your landscaping, and it should look beautiful. 

The landscape contractor can add hardscaping to your landscaped yard. This would include adding a path, which could be something as easy as a stone path or a more expensive concrete path. Put a path in front of your home for people to walk on or put a path that leads to another area of your yard. You can use colored stones to make the path look interesting. The contractor has the knowledge to install the path. For example, they dig a trench first and put a layer of gravel in the trench. They then put landscaping fabric over the gravel and then more gravel over the fabric. They can then install the pathing materials that you choose. 

Water fountains are beautiful and can add tranquility to your yard. If your yard is large enough the contractor may suggest installing a pond and putting goldfish in the pond. They can set up the water connections for you. Once the pond is in place plant flowers and plants around the pond and put a bench close to it. 

Talk with a landscaping contractor to learn of many more ways they can help you with your landscape.

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