Tree Trimming: What To Do Before Your Trees Are In Full Bloom

If you want to keep your trees in great condition this upcoming season, it's wise to complete many of your tree trimming needs before the trees are in full bloom. This can help lessen the shock the trees feel while they are growing and can also help them continue blooming so they reach their full potential for the season.

Your tree removal specialist will show you the things you need to do to keep your trees healthy and growing strong, whether you have fruit trees or decorative trees, or just large shade trees on your land. Here are the things you should do before your trees are in full bloom.

Trim the excess branches 

Trimming the excess branches, including the shooters in the centers of your trees and thicker, low-lying branches on their underlayers, will be beneficial in many ways. Your trees will be able to produce larger, tastier, and healthier fruit if they are fruit-bearing, and shade or decorative trees will be able to produce larger, healthier branches for a wider span and more shade or decorative appeal.

Now is also the time to remove any excess or hanging branches that go over your roof, into power lines, or in other areas where you don't want branches hanging. If you want to keep your trees and keep clean up and damage to a minimum, have the tree trimming done before budding and blooming begins so the branches removed are free of leaves.

Remove dead or dying branches

Any trees that have dead or dying branches should have the branches removed before they hang down and potentially damage healthier branches. If trees are too far gone to be saved, then have your tree service company perform tree removal of these trees instead. Doing repairs before trees are in full bloom will help them stay healthy and limit the amount of stress placed on them, giving them the best chance of survival and growth after treatment.

A tree removal service company may charge by the hour for their services or charge a flat rate for the work to be done on all your trees, whichever is most beneficial for everyone involved. It's wise to set aside a budget for tree trimming and then get bids from local tree removal companies so you can choose the best one for your time needs and your budget overall. Your tree trimming can be made cheaper if you do cleanup yourself, so keep this in mind if budget constraints are a concern.

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